Gestational Carrier Fee Schedule

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PLEASE NOTE: The actual cost of working with a gestational surrogate can vary greatly depending on compensation, type of fertility treatments, medical expenses, and travel. However, the below fees are a general guideline as to what can be expected; actual fees will be negotiated in the Gestational Carrier Contract between the Intended Parent and Gestational Carrier. Many fees listed below will only be incurred if certain events happen. On average, our clients spend between $60,000 - $100,000 in total..

3 Sisters Surrogacy Agency Fee

We locate and screen suitable surrogate candidates, facilitate meetings between you and surrogates, provide a draft surrogacy contract, manage the trust account, and provide support for both parties throughout the process.
First Installment (due upon execution of Agency Contract) $2000
Second Installment (due upon execution of Surrogacy Contract) $6000
Third Installment (due at the time of confirmed heartbeat) $4500

Surrogate Screening Costs

Included in Agency fee
Criminal Background Check
Medical Records Review
Home Visit
Psychological Evaluation for Surrogate
Attorney Fees for Surrogate

Surrogate Compensation

$21,900 - $28,150+
After you have been matched with a surrogate you will need to pay directly for any costs that she may incur (e.g., medical screening expenses). Once the surrogacy contract is signed, you will deposit $10,000 to cover initial expenses; the rest of the estimated amount into an escrow account that will be set up by 3 Sisters Surrogacy prior to embryo transfer. The amount to be deposited will be customized based on the specifics of your contract, with the intent to pay the surrogate her compensation and expenses. Below are some of the typical items addressed (and approximate amounts) covered in the Gestational Carrier Contract.
First time surrogate's fee/experienced surrogate's fee $18,000 - $24,000+
Payment for mock cycle (if performed) $500
Payment for embryo transfer $500
Maternity clothing allowance for singletons OR for multiples $500 or $750
Cycle Cancellation (at no fault of Surrogate) $500
Travel/Meal Expenses (local) Up to $100/mo

Surrogate Medical Expenses

Some surrogates have medical coverage and life insurance. If yours does not, or if her medical insurance is inadequate, you will provide medical insurance for prenatal care, delivery, and post-partum care and a one-year life insurance policy. Please note that these are estimates and may vary depending on the types of policies purchased.
IVF Screening (will be actual cost) $3000 - $7500
Medical Costs of IVF Cycle, including medications $12,000 - 19,000
Uncovered Medical Expenses (co-pays, prescriptions, vitamins, acupuncture, etc for pregnancy) Up to $1500
Uncovered medical expenses for prenatal care and delivery (estimate depends on medical circumstances and insurance). Varies - can be actual or insurance deductible
Psychological Counseling ($200/mo from time of contract to 2 months post partum) Varies
Life Insurance for Surrogate $1000
Medical Insurance for Surrogate – depending on policy premium, deposits and deductibles. We can provide you information of a few insurance agencies that write policies for maternity coverage for gestational carriers. $3000 and up, not including deposits and deductibles
Surrogate Disability Insurance $325
Doula Services Basic services included
in Agency Fee

Legal Fees

3 Sisters Surrogacy includes the drafting of the Agency Contract in its agency fee; each party will retain independent legal counsel to review and discuss the Surrogacy Contract. You will pay your own attorney fees as well as attorney fees for the surrogate and her spouse or partner. The intended parent legal representation estimate also includes fees for legal proceedings in connection with the establishment of parental rights. Please note that legal fees vary and are paid directly to the attorney. Texas attorneys typically charge between $200 and $300 per hour. PLEASE NOTE – these are estimates only.
Surrogate's Attorney Fees Included in agency fee
Intended Parent's Attorney Fees $1000 - $3000
Legal Proceedings, including Pre-Birth Order $2000 - $5000

Other Costs to Consider

The below expenses are suggested compensation to the carrier for other expenses and complications of pregnancy. They do not include the actual medical expenses, which should be covered by the gestational carrier insurance. Some additional costs that may need by be considered may include additional medical procedures, bed rest which reduce paid hours of employment, etc. The intended parents generally compensate the surrogate for lost wages, childcare, and housekeeping up to a predetermined limit. The below amounts are estimates - actual amounts will be included in the contract between the surrogate and intended parents.
Multiple Birth (per child) $2000 - $5000
C-Section $1500 - $3000
Other Invasive Procedure (Amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, Ectopic, etc) $500 - $1000
Loss of Reproductive Capacity $5000
Termination of Pregnancy $1500 - $3000
Selective Reduction $1000 - $2000
Childcare (for doctor's visits, travel, or if on bedrest) Up to $50/day
Housekeeping (if on bedrest) Up to $80/wk
Lost Wages (gestational carrier and spouse) Negotiable
Travel and Lodging (surrogacy - related only) Actual
Egg Donor Services (if needed) $10,000 - $15,000

*As set forth in our agency Agreement for Services, the $12,500 agency fee will be paid in three installments: (1) $2000 is due upon signing the Agreement for Services to work with 3 Sisters Surrogacy, (2) $6000 is due at the time of signing the Gestational Carrier Contract, and (3) $4500 is due upon confirmation of pregnancy via visible heartbeat. *Your carrier will be represented by an independent attorney for the review and negotiation of the Gestational Carrier Agreement. The surrogate's attorney fee is included in the 3 Sisters Surrogacy agency fee.

*International Couples will require significant additional work with regard to birth certificate, medical bills, immigration and citizenship.

*The base fee for a carrier with health insurance which we believe will cover the medical cost of pregnancy and delivery is generally higher, as is the fee for experienced carriers.

*You will be required to purchase a life insurance policy for the carrier to compensate her family in the event of her death as a complication of pregnancy.

*Carriers who are not employed will not receive lost wages. Carriers employed and have lost wages because of bedrest will receive the lost wages benefit, depending on her net income.

*IVF clinics charge different amounts to screen a carrier. The Intended Parents are encouraged to inquire about such services from their IVF clinic.

*The costs of the IVF cycle can vary. The amount listed is only an estimate of the total costs.

*If the carrier does not live near your IVF clinic, the carrier will likely monitor at a fertility clinic or doctor's office near her. These costs are paid separately to the fertility clinic or doctor's office doing the monitoring.

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