Intended Parents And Surrogacy

Intended Parents

Getting Started With Surrogacy

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the idea of finding a gestational surrogate to help you build your family. We invite you to read through the following information we have put together in over 40 years combined experience working in field of reproductive health care.

Over the years, we have learned one thing for sure; it helps to have a team of experts on your side that you trust to help navigate the many details involved in selecting and working with a gestational surrogate. We'd like to be your team. When you are ready, please schedule a free consultation to see how we might work together.

About Our Surrogates

We are very discerning in our surrogate selection. The women we work with have a strong desire to help another family bring a new life into the world. Our surrogates are typically between the ages of 25-35, married, and in excellent health. We conduct extensive screening on each applicant, including a criminal background check, child abuse check, medical records review, and interview prior to placing any candidates our database.

While we are here to guide you through each step of the process, we know that some clients want to dive in and take an active role in selecting potential surrogates to interview. That's why we maintain a database of all of our surrogates. To protect our surrogates, we ask that you complete a registration process before granting you access to our database. You can start the intended parent registration process by visiting the link below.

Register To View The Surrogate Database

If you have already registered as an intended parent, you can login here.

Intended Parents Surrogate Time Line

The following is a visual guide to some of the major milestones as an Intended Parent. Each client is unique and so variations to the order of these events is common. Scroll down as we journey from Hope to Joy in the typical surrogate cycle


Complete and sign the Initial Intended Parent Application and Preliminary Fee Schedule

A nonrefundable deposit of $2000 is necessary to hold your surrogate for screening at your clinic.

Register as an Intended Parent

Week 2

Schedule A Physical Exam For Both Partners

The physical exam includes blood testing and urine/cervical cultures (see Medical Requirements). The physician will complete Medical Release Letter for us to keep on file.

Weeks 3-5

Identify A Potential Gestational Surrogate

This may be one of our surrogates or a friend or relative of yours.

At this point, the surrogate will have her physician complete and submit the Obstetric Release Letter, certifying that her medical history has been reviewed, relevant medical testing has been performed, and that the potential surrogate is an acceptable candidate to become pregnant.

The potential gestational surrogate and Intended Parents will both submit a Mental Health Release.

Login To Our Surrogate Database

Week 6

Meet Your Potential Surrogate

A meeting will be arranged with the pre-screened potential surrogate.

Week 7

Make a Final Decision

A final decision will be made on gestational surrogate choice. Complete 3 Sisters Surrogacy Agency Contract and pay 2nd installment of the agency fee.

Weeks 8-9

Legal Contracts

Each party will retain an attorney (we can provide referrals).

The attorney will send an Attorney Confirmation Letter, stating that the carrier contract has been executed.

Week 10

Fund the Escrow Account

Make arrangements with 3 Sisters Surrogacy to deposit escrow fund, including total surrogate compensation and monies for additional surrogate reimbursement. These funds will be deposited, managed and distributed by an independent escrow company. Escrow management is included in your agency fee.

If your surrogate is to travel to your clinic, credit card travel authorization required or cash/check deposit of estimated travel expenses due along with donor deposit.

Week 11

Get Ready to Cycle

Notify your clinic that you have matched with 3 Sister Surrogacy Surrogate

Complete and additional IP testing

Receive cycle calendar from your clinic.

Remit remainder of agency fee/donor compensation 7 days prior to Lupron or Ganirelex start. Personal check, cashier’s check, Visa or Master Card accepted, with a 3% convenience fee charged on all credit card transactions.

If your donor is to travel, your Credit Card will be charged with estimated travel expenses, + 15% contingency and estimated provided by 3 Sisters Surrogacy in advance. Any excess travel deposit will be refunded.

Week 12

Start of Cycle!

Receipts and redacted travel documents mailed to IP within 30 working day s of egg retrieval.

Any excess travel deposit will be refunded via check within 30 working days of egg retrieval.

Week 52

Your Baby Arrives

Take your new baby home.

Send pictures to 3 Sisters Surrogacy for our Greatest Gift Wall!

Download our Intended Parent Checklist.

If you have questions, please schedule a free consultation with one of our highly trained coordinators. We'll answer all of your questions and make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision.